UPDATE!!! Thank you Troop Fans!

Troop Fans,

We are sewing up battle buddies and printing our books along with packaging. Nearly a whole year has passed since our website sellout and we are now so close to being back in stock. Our first year in, we've learned so much in the toy industry. We chose to step away from manufacturing after our sell out to incorporate what we've learned to make Troop become the best battle buddy a military child could have. We are a small veteran owned business who put our families life savings in it to bring Troop to market. The big move was to learn the process of manufacturing. It's a rough road for a small business but we spent countless night/morning hours doing it. Once we figured it out, we had to win the hearts of military families. With road blocks after road blocks, including theft, we've surpassed many of our goals. Our minds quickly came to realization that we've won the hearts of many military families. So many that our battle buddies were rapidly selling. We also came to the realization that Troop could very well be in this world forever and we need to continue learning from people that has succeeded in this business. Having getting the invite to Toy Fair NYC last year, we've built many relationships who have given us advice. We've used every bit of it and will soon be coming back in strong with thousands of battle buddies ready for their new homes. Although we are doing our best to make the Christmas deadline, we cannot promise anything. We are doing our ultimate best and what we believe is best for Troop. We are so grateful for all of you who continue to reach out and support us. Stay tuned to our social media pages for updates. Also if you have time, please stop by our other blog posts towards the bottom of our website.

Thank you,

Blake, Sarah, Cayden, & Camden

aka Troop Family