Toy Fair 2018 and more...

Last weekend we made our first appearance at Toy Fair in New York City. We never imaged in our lifetime that we would be attending one of America's largest and most important toy shows to represent our product, Troop on the Stoop. One thing we both noticed, not one toy in the whole building was specifically directed towards military children. When people ask if Troop on the Stoop is successful, in our minds, being successful has different stages. We are advancing through all of those stages. Stages can not be explained by us, all I can say is that they are stages. I don't know how many but I do know when we pass one of those stages, it feels good. The people we've met along this journey continue to be our drive. The messages and comments through our social media, the personal emails through our website, text messages, phone calls, and in person conversations. We have learned so much since our launch in June, 2016. Each day is a new day for us to learn. We've made business mistakes, ran into bad people that has hurt us in many ways, including financially. They are just road blocks and every road block is passable. We answer to each and every person, company, and organization that reaches out. At times, its hard but we are on a mission. A mission to make our Troop on the Stoop brand the #1 brand for military children. Every military child deserves a battle buddy when their loved one is away serving and protecting our freedom. 

Thank you, 

Blake Wayman