Meet creator Blake Wayman's family

Troop is a Veteran created product that's 100% from the heart. Sarah, Blake's wife continues to poor her heart into Troop. If you've purchased Troop dog tags, Sarah assembles each and every one. Cayden who is the older of the two boys, he's in charge of stamping each shipping box with the Troop on the Stoop logo. Although at times one might come out crooked, Blake ends up replacing the box. Then their is Camden. His job is to make messes and make good fun vibes in the shop (garage). He's also in charge of adding the most important part to our shipping box, POW SSG Matt Maupin's face sticker. He adds about 2-3 a day then moves on. It's a good thing though as he likes to put them anywhere on the box, even on the bottom.